My husband and I are celebrating our first Christmas together this year and though the outdoors does not look like the frigid, blustery, fluffy white holiday I am used to (having grown up in the north), I am determined to fool myself into believing it by making the indoors look the part. But newly married means thrifty wallets must be paired with a thrifty mind. So heres what I came up with to garb our poufy green fraiser fir tree… These ornaments will satisfy even the most sceptic frostbiten eye and add enough fun and flare to your home to get the season’s spirit alive and merry.

1. With that, lets get started, shall we? First cut five circles of paper. Note: Whatever size template you use, your ornament will be the same size.

tmp_DSC_1618 (2)1646095783

2. Next, fold one circle in half with the colored sides together and crease firmly.

tmp_DSC_1625 (2)-890044241

3. Open out, turn and fold perpendicular to previous fold. Tip: Matching the creases will help keep your ornament looking perfect.

tmp_DSC_1628 (2)-1155655523

4. Open out again and flip inside out. Fold between previous folds, matching creases together.

tmp_DSC_1647 (2)1182897350

5. Finally, open out and fold smaller triangular sections inward, creating this shape.

tmp_DSC_1651 (2)2065837684

tmp_DSC_1657 (2)-990421392

6. Repeat these steps with the four remaining circles.

tmp_DSC_1659 (2)1872846120

7. Once you have completed all five circles, carefully glue them together by adding them one by one on top of the last, creating a stack. (It helps to use a fast drying glue)

tmp_DSC_1663 (2)1716644937

8. Now take the ends and glue them together. It should look like this!

tmp_DSC_1664 (2)482894856

9. Set your paper aside and cut a length of twine or ribbon, whatever you have, and insert through the center of the ornament. (Note: It may help to wrap a piece of tape around the end to push it through.) Pull partly through the hole and then double back, intserting it back through. This makes a nice loop for the hanger. Tie the ends and pull the knot up to hide it.

tmp_DSC_1686 (2)-1373040314

And there you have it! Cute paper craft and little to no money spent. Now all you have to do is make more and start decking those halls! Thanks for hanging out and Merry Christmas.

tmp_DSC_1678 (2)-128800556

tmp_DSC_1693 (2)597157595